Alejandra Gutierrez, LCSW
Relationship Counseling for the modern love story

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy in downtown Chicago. Designed for your needs. Don’t fit yourself into a box. Discover what it means to thrive as you are. 

Couples Therapy

Dating Therapy

Therapy during dating can help clarify your intentions, values, and hopes for the future. It can help you explore early relationship conflicts. Dating as a parent brings new difficulties and support can help you effectively navigate these unique challenges

Marriage Therapy

Therapy designed to help heal and support your marriage. This is appropriate if you are considering marriage, currently married, and/or considering divorce. Explore the conflict impacting your relationship and work to heal and better get your needs met in your relationship.

Coparenting Therapy

Coparenting is one of the most difficult dyadic relationships. Married harmonious couples struggle to parent. How much more difficult is is to navigate the stressors of parenting alongside someone you are no longer romantically involved with. If you're struggling to see eye to eye and are both motivated to attempt a healthier coparenting dynamic for the good of your child this is right for you.