Family Wellness Counseling

All about Family Wellness Counseling

There’s been a big push to care for our mental wellness. Recently we’ve began to understand the role fo various aspects of the wellness wheel in our ability to show up and be present. My one concern is that most wellness promotion focuses on the individual. Our community is one of the most important determinants of our wellness and family wellness counseling focuses on promoting wellness in you the individual as well as your home.

What is wellness?

There are 8 core aspects of wellness that present on the wellness wheel. Wellness acknowledges that there are many aspects that contribute to our overall sense of wellbeing. When you present to the doctor they focus on your physical wellness. When you present to a therapist they focus on your mental and emotional wellness. However, holistic treatment address the intersection and relationship between these various aspects of your identify and wellbeing. The 8 comments of wellness are

  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Intellectual
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Occupational

Personal wellness vs. Family wellness

Wellness is not an individual pursuit. Even if you’re doing everything “right” and you’re feeling balanced and intentional the wellness of your community will impact you. Have you had one of those days, when you’re in an amazing mood and someone in your life is having a horrible day? It tends to dampen your good mood. Think back to your childhood. A lot of your wounds or attachments wounds will be tied to your early experiences in that initial community. Imagine how things might have been different if that environment was healthy. You have the opportunity to create that type of environment for your children and it starts with you.

What role can counseling play in your pursuit of wellness?

The truth is, changes that one family member makes will impact the rest. Think of a single rain drop in a still pond. There is a ripple effect. That is what happens if you choose to explore healing for yourself. Whether you are seeking support for collaborative coparenting or exploring how will you transition into dating again. You can be sure it will impact your entire family. Counseling also helps to create accountability around changes you’ve been waiting to make. Whether it’s moving your body more, nourishing yourself more fully, or setting better boundaries. Wellness doesn’t happen without intentionality and this is your encouragement to get started on your wellness journey.

Free Wellness Resources

Wellness should be accessible to everyone. Family wellness begins with just one person who decides to make a change. Promoting your individual wellness will have a ripple effect in your community. If you identify as a single parent, coparent, or blended family you may benefit from our FREE Modern Family Wellness Checklist.

Family Wellness Counseling does not always mean family therapy. Counseling for an individual, coparents, step parents, and individuals who are part of blended families are all tied to the pursuit of healing. Check out how our services may kickstart your journey to wellness today.