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Individual Therapy

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Individual Therapy

Relationship recovery

Healing from a relationship does not happen without intentionality. Often these deep connections can leave deep wounds or reopen old hurts. Relationship recovery is a good fit if you are fresh out of relationship or have realized that you never fully healed from a past relationship.

Attachment Therapy

Attachment refers to your ability to meaningfully connect with those around you. It refers to how well you are able to get your needs met in a relationship as well as how well you can meet the needs of your loved ones. If you find it difficult to deeply and authentically connect or find yourself feeling inexplicably unsafe in your relationships attachment therapy may be a good fit.

Self Esteem & Boundaries

Your boundaries or the inability to set boundaries is fundamentally tied to your sense of self-worth. What sort of treatment are you willing to accept from those around you? Do you feel the need to earn the approval of others? How different would your relationships look if you were no longer striving to earn acceptance and approval?

New Mom Therapy & Postpartum Depression

If you're a mom you won't need an explanation on why this difficult transition requires support. Mothers are left to rediscover themselves in a new role while meeting the needs of caring for a tiny human. It is easy to lose yourself. This modality will help you discover yourself in a new way and to realize that parenting is a role and not who you are.

Identity Therapy

When you were young you knew who you wanted to be. You imagined a life but the one you're currently living doesn't look the same. In and out of love, friendships, school, careers, and somewhere along the way you lost yourself. Stop trying to rediscover a past you. Accept your experiences and discover who you have become in a powerful way.