Alejandra Gutierrez, LCSW
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Family Wellness Counseling

Individual Therapy

  • Depression Therapy
  • Attachment Therapy
  • Relationship Recovery
  • Identity therapy¬†
  • New mom Therapy

Couples Therapy

  • Dating Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Coparenting Therapy

Online Group Therapy

  • Single Mom Support Group
  • New mom Support Group
  • Self Esteem &¬†Boundaries Group

Treatment Specialties

Single Parents and Coparents

Single parents may be transitioning out of a relationship, exploring parenting concerns, dealing with postpartum depression, boundary setting, self esteem, and/or processing unresolved feelings. Coparenting therapy may be a good if you struggle to see eye to eye on basic parenting decisions, parenting time, and/or child behavior management. An individual coparent may present to process unresolved feelings or explore how to set better boundaries.

Young Adults

There are many key things young adults are working to achieve. Finding healthy relationships (romantic and platonic), establishing who you want to be, and finding a balance between fulfilling work life and time for yourself. If you're in the process of discovering who you are and learning how to get your connection needs met now is a great time to connect and get support.

Relationship Difficulties

Relationships take many shapes and sizes. Here at FWC we pride ourselves on our inclusive view of relationships including married couples, dating couples, interracial couples, blended families, and dating parents. The issues of communication, shared values, and maintaining connectedness look different for each individual couple.

Mood disorders

Are you wondering if you can live a full, rich, and connected life with a mood disorder diagnosis? Depression and/or bipolar disorder does not define you. Learn how to increase coping skills and show up in your relationships consistently and with authenticity.

Dating Parents

Couples therapy for dating parents is designed to create space for you to explore your concerns and fears around dating as a coparent. Discuss your concerns, clarify your hopes, and develop effective plans to help you move forward confidently. Individuals may present with isolation/loneliness, depression, shame/guilt, and parenting concerns around dating.