Create and Maintain Lasting Relationships.

Learn the relationship skills that will transform how you connect with yourself and others

Are you battling Loneliness?

Are you ready to feel more connected? Do you struggle to be alone with yourself? Other areas of your life are going okay but you haven’t conquered your social and love life. 


You wouldn’t believe the incredible amount of change that is possible when you take the chance to intentionally invest in yourself. We believe that much of what plagues you today is tied to your early life experiences. Throughout this journey you will be able to discover wellness and holistic healing in the places that hurt the most.

Things Can Get Better.

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What we do

We specialize in attachment issues, low self esteem, and relationship issues. We offer individual therapy for individuals transitioning out of a relationship, experiencing parenting concerns, postpartum depression, difficulty setting boundaries, low self-esteem, and processing unresolved feelings.

We offer couples counseling to dating, married, and co-parenting couples. We work with couples to get to the root of their disconnect, increase communication, and heal from relational ruptures. 

What makes us Different

We take a process oriented approach. We won’t fill an hour just chatting. We understand that in order to experience change there is often some discomfort. We won’t shy away from those opportunities for growth and we will support you in getting closer to your ideal self.  

Clients have described our approach as warm, empathetic, direct, and caring. We believe that much of whats plaguing you is tied to early childhood experiences as well as significant relationship history.

client testimonials

"Immediately I felt heard and seen! I am very much looking forward to continuing to meet and work through things!"
Verified Client
"Kandyce had a warm presence and was attentive. She made me feel heard."
Verified Client